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Let's Talk Tuesday: Designing with Amethyst

It’s February and that means purple! At least to me, since I have a February birthday and have big love for Amethyst, February’s birthstone. Another fun purple event this month is a jewelry design challenge in SRAJD, Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design, a membership group of designers and makers. “Something Purple” was the theme and I’m thrilled to share my entry with you.

Tickled Pink - Pink Gemstones

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When thinking about pink stones, certain fancy gemstones come to mind such as pink sapphire, ruby, and certain types of garnet. There's also tourmaline, pink topaz, zircon, diamond, and spinel.

Beautiful North American Turquoise

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There are few things that make my heart sing like turquoise. Just looking at my stash of turquoise beads makes me happy. And yet, I don’t make a lot of straight out turquoise jewelry. I just might be a turquoise bead hoarder.

Turquoise! My very own turquoise treasure box.

Color Inspirations: Spring in South Park Colorado

Wherever you are around the globe, in the northern hemisphere, temperate lattitudes, spring is in full swing. Here in South Park, Colorado, at an elevation of 9500 feet above sea level, the season starts slowly giving subtle hints of what's to come.