Spring Snow on the Way, Latest Jewelry Collection

Spring in Colorado is, well, let's just say "different".

After a strange winter of mostly "all blow and no snow" at our South Park home, the moisture machine has chosen now to begin working. Late April, and the forecast is for heavy snow, acumulations around 10 inches or so, and temperatures around 40 degrees F between now and tomorrow morning.

Snow in late April is not unusual, since we live at 9300 feet above sea level. But this year we aren't in the dealing-with-snow-mode. I have been thinking, "well, if it's going to be dry let's start the spring and summer list". Instead, this morning was spent gassing up the tractor and changing the snow blower over to the plow blade attachment (handles wet, spring snow better). Now we simply wait to see what Nature brings us.

The moisture is welcome. We might end up with a mud season after all!

I took this photo toward the end of March. 

No snow on the ground, last fall's golden grass cover, Ponderosa Pine, and a gorgeous, very spring-looking sky. It became became the inspiration for the color palette of my latest jewelry collection released on Earth Day. Let's take a look at "It's a Beautiful World".

After gazing at the photo, and out my windows, I started pawing through my bead stash to see how I might paint this scene in natural gemstones.

I selected multiple jasper stones for the grasses and earth. Added serpentine, jade, and ocean jasper for the pine greens; and blue stones from sky blue to aqua to royal hues come from aquamarine, chalcedony, amazonite, dumortierite, and lapis. Clouds of matte white lace agate, jadeite, and pearls are scattered among the blue.

Work in progress - a few earring ornaments and a necklace focal taking shape


The pieces on the left express the "Blue Planet" lush, life-giving waters and skyscapes of our beautiful world, while the pieces on the right evoke the land and trees from my inspiration image.

A few pieces have already sold, but the next few photos have links to find the pieces in my online shops.

Just click on the photo to view the online listing.

These earrings, available at this writing at PebblesAtMyFeet.com, express life-giving spring moisture as clouds overcome blue skies

Blue skies and clouds or an expression of snow-melt feeding white water rivers

Our Blue Planet - little globes of azurite malachite with shining silver wire wrap and orbiting moonstone moon

Golden grasses and pine trees expressed with picture jasper and green jade with handcrafted copper metal work

Frost heave patterns in the soil - expressed so well by viper agate. I topped the agate with green turquoise to represent the new life about to grow from the Earth.

Silver leaf jasper and Canadian jade express the colors of spring before the flowers show. Soon this golden brown and forest green landscape will be dotted with dewy-blue pasqeflower and pink cactus blooms. If spring behanves more normally than winter did!


Thanks for reading my musings on spring snow. I hope you'll visit my website store and my Etsy shop to view details about the work shared and see what else is in the shops since your last visit.

I'd love to hear your comments. Is spring much farther along where you live? or what was your favorite piece in my It's a Beautiful World collection?

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