Color Inspirations: Spring in South Park Colorado

Wherever you are around the globe, in the northern hemisphere, temperate lattitudes, spring is in full swing. Here in South Park, Colorado, at an elevation of 9500 feet above sea level, the season starts slowly giving subtle hints of what's to come.

Almost imperceptibly, the grasses and wild herbs green up. When there is enough sunshine and warmth, the aspen tree buds begin to open. In a few days what started so slowly, explodes into a riot of bright yellow green leaves. The color is spectacular viewed against brilliant Colorado blue skies.

This year, the display inspired me to use the colors I saw in the spring landscape in my natural stone jewelry designs. Not exactly to paint the scene, but as an underlying influence in my newest creations.

Subtle beginnings



New leaves glow in the sunshine

Spring Green and Blue Skies natural stone palette

I chose serpentine, green garnet, kyanite, denim lapis, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and sodalite combine to create an impression of the vibrant spring colors. I've made a few jewelry pieces based on this palette. Check my shop for new spring color-inspired items.


     "Spring Breeze" Chandelier earrings                   Serpentine stone drop earrings


Bright and dark green serpentine earrings

Along with its color inspirations, spring has motivated me to re-start my blog. I hope you've enjoyed this first post. Follow along to see what's new in the studio, learn about my inspirations and fascinations, and meet new artisans and their work. If my posts inspire you in any way, I'd love to read your comments.

 ~ Pamela


Pebbles At My Feet Natural Stone Adornments

Interact with my social media pages







From one lover of Spring to another - those who live in northern climates really anticipate and relish Spring when it arrives. Even though we're only at 460 ft, our winters are long, gray and snowy. When that first robin appears on a frosty morning, the spirits lift and the mind awaits the first hint of green. Love how you've tied nature's renewal in with your new Spring pieces - they are lovely! When you sell your Spring Breeze earrings, wouldn't it be fun to send along the pic of those aspens!

Thank you Barbara, for your

Thank you Barbara, for your comment. I love the idea of a print of the inspiration going along with the earrings. I've lived in beautiful places, all northern, with each having their unique springtime signature. I've just put out the hummingbird feeders!

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