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How I Drill Holes in Stones for Jewelry Making

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Several years ago when Pebbles At My Feet had a shop and blog on ArtFire (RIP) I published a series of three blogs on drilling tumbled stones to use in jewelry-making. The question has come up recently (June of 2023) in a beading and jewelry-making group on Facebook. I think what I wrote nine years ago is still pertinent, and decided to publish the article(s) here with some updated photos and notes. In general, the text below is what I wrote for the first article those years ago. I've made some changes today to photos, captions, and format to publish it here. Thanks for reading!

Spring Snow on the Way, Latest Jewelry Collection

Spring in Colorado is, well, let's just say "different".

After a strange winter of mostly "all blow and no snow" at our South Park home, the moisture machine has chosen now to begin working. Late April, and the forecast is for heavy snow, acumulations around 10 inches or so, and temperatures around 40 degrees F between now and tomorrow morning.

Re-Introducing Pebbles At My Feet

Since my blog has languished for a while, I thought I should reintroduce myself and my studio to folks who happen to find me on the internet. If you’re a customer who has stayed with me from the start; thanks for hanging in there. It’s fun to have you along as I grow as an artist and jewelry business.

This October marks 8 years that Pebbles At My Feet has been offering handcrafted natural stone jewelry online.  I’m so very grateful to everyone who has purchased from me over the years. Please know I really do a happy dance with each and every order.