About Me

Hello! I'm happy you've found my website and jewelry shop. I am Pamela Spatig Hollis, owner, creator, designer, and artisan of Pebbles at my Feet Natural Stone Adornments.  

Remember as a child running to Mom or Dad with a perfectly tumbled beach pebble, palm-sized skipping stone, or sea shell? “Look what I found!” Bursting with pride and in awe of your treasure you hold on to it. You found it. You found beauty in it. This sense of discovery - of found treasure -  is what I hope brings customers to Pebbles at my Feet. Immediate, simple, accessible designs that let the stone – from humble backyard pebble to luminous gemstone – speak to the wearer. 

I've had a lifetime love affair with stones. My dad was a lapidary and rock collector. It was fascinating to watch Dad transform rough rock into beautifully polished cabochons. He worked on equipment that his father had used. I grew up liking the smell of epoxy, stone dust, sealing wax, and alcohol flame. I learned the names of gemstones from Dad. We had beautiful polished geodes on display in our home. This made me aware of geology and the beauty to be found by looking down toward the pebbles at my feet. 

Some years ago when clearing out my childhood home, I discovered the remnants of Dad’s hobby. I felt like a kid again - found treasure! A few tumbled stones, some cabochons he'd worked, a few metalworking tools became my "inspiration inheritance" and the beginnings of Pebbles at my Feet Natural Stone Adornments.  

My creative work is fueled by this long history and emotion centered around stones. My jewelry designs are inspired by the qualities of natural gemstones: their colors, polish, and light play. Stones are the paints on my artist's palette and the forests, fields, wildflowers, snow, rivers, and skies of Colorado and the west are my subjects.

Let my natural stone adornments rekindle that childlike connection to Nature in you.



Pick up a Pebble; discover a gem!