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How I Drill Holes in Stones for Jewelry Making

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Several years ago when Pebbles At My Feet had a shop and blog on ArtFire (RIP) I published a series of three blogs on drilling tumbled stones to use in jewelry-making. The question has come up recently (June of 2023) in a beading and jewelry-making group on Facebook. I think what I wrote nine years ago is still pertinent, and decided to publish the article(s) here with some updated photos and notes. In general, the text below is what I wrote for the first article those years ago. I've made some changes today to photos, captions, and format to publish it here. Thanks for reading!

In the Pink - with Rhodochrosite

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I’ve been thinking a lot about pink these days. Wondering if the color psychology is true that pink can help you feel better. What do you think?

For my creative part, I’ve been drawn to pink stones lately, adding several new earrings to my shops that feature different pink gemstones. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to rhodochrosite.