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Rhodonite Stone Pendant in Copper, Rustic Riveted Mixed Metals Necklace with Brown and Pink Gemstones



This rhodonite stone pendant is crafted from hand worked copper sheet metal, copper and sterling silver rivets, a rhodonite cabochon, bronzite and rhodonite natural stone beads, copper chain, and handcrafted copper hook and eye. This rustic necklace has an earthy appeal that will have you feeling in the pink. Rhodonite is considered a great emotional balancing stone, helping one heal both physically and psychologically. Its rosy to purplish pink color is definitely a sweet and happy shade that can let in those good vibrations. This natural rhodonite necklace is the perfect copper anniversary gift for your warrior/princess wife on your 7th wedding anniversary.

At the center of this unique pink stone necklace is a rhodonite cabochon shaped by my dad back in the 1970's when he was an active lapidary hobbyist. It is a beautiful rose pink color with a hint of brown here and there. It seems right at home in the dark brown copper setting. I used a cold connection technique to fabricate the stone setting, sandwiching the pink gemstone between two layers of copper and using rivets around the perimeter to seal the stone inside. The copper bears rustic hammered texture on the front while the back plate has a more deliberate tooled pattern from using a texturing hammer.

The rhodonite pendant is set into an antiqued copper chain with handmade sections of wire wrapped stone beads. A length of pink rhodonite and brown bronzite copper wire wrapped chain runs up one side of the neck piece.The neck chain is finished to 16 inches and closes with my handcrafted hook and eye. The mixed metals pendant adds 1 3/8-inches. I picture this necklace being worn like a talisman, close below the collarbone; its shield-like shape magnifying the protective energy of the rhodonite at its center.

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