Rainbow Gemstone Earrings with Amethyst Drop, Multi Stone Dangle Earrings in Argentium Silver, Oxidized Patina



A pair of rainbow gemstone earrings wire wrapped in nickel-free argentium silver with a rustic oxidized patina. These long, multi stone dangle earrings include the seven colors of the rainbow: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. Go ahead, put some flowers in your hair and these hippie rainbow earrings on your ears. They'll delight any woman on your holiday gift list. If your free-spirit mom, daughter or daughter-in-law was born in February, she'll love these rainbow gemstone earrings with amethyst dangles. Argentium silver is a special silver alloy like sterling, but its composition is nickel-free for comfortable wear, even for women with nickel metal allergies. 

These delightful throw-back, hippie, ROYGBIV, rainbow earrings are 2.875 inches long.


  • Red: small, purplish red garnet chip
  • Orange: natural red agate stone chips
  • Yellow: citrine
  • Green: peridot
  • Blue: sodalite
  • Indigo: a thin chip of iolite
  • Violet: a tumbled teardrop shaped amethyst pebble

I live in South Park, Colorado. It is big sky country here and one of the pleasures in our spring and early summer skies are rainbows that stretch for miles across the open land. I made these earrings in celebration of these weather phenomena and in thankfulness for the rain that comes before.

Please note: in order to show the details of workmanship, colors, and textures, my photos show the jewelry at larger than life scale. Please refer to the photo with the earrings next to a ruler to help you relate to the actual size of the item. 

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