Purple and Yellow Stone Earrings, Citrine and Amethyst Earrings in Copper



Beautiful purple, orange, and yellow set an Autumn tone in these amethyst earrings. Faceted amethyst shields are accented with pale yellow citrine square heishi and variegated yellow and orange Czech glass saucers in these copper wire wrap earrings. Purple and yellow gemstones are perfect for fall: they express the golden light and darkening dusk skies of this time of year, and the rich harvest colors of fruit and vegetables put by for the winter. These amethyst and citrine earrings are versatile natural stone jewelry you'll love in all four seasons. These purple and yellow stone earrings will complement warm neutrals, rust, dark denim blue, brick red, olive green pretty much anything in your closet! These handmade earrings feature nickel-free niobium wire ear hooks that are safe for most women, even those with metal allergies. Give these amethyst earrings to your wife, daughter, or girlfriend and be confident they can wear them comfortably.


  • 2-inches long from the top of the ear hooks
  • 3/8-inch wide at the widest point of the amethyst stones


  • Amethyst faceted shield shaped beads
  • Citrine gemstone flat square heishi
  • Swirled orange and yellow glass saucers
  • Copper wire
  • Niobium wire with bronze color anodized finish

These autumn earrings have as their focus, pretty purple amethyst briolettes. The stones are a reddish purple color, translucent but a little cloudy, with large diamond-shaped facets that sparkle in the light. I chose dark patina copper wire to wrap the gemstones for its warmth and earthy brown color. Neat wraps of dark copper separate the amethyst from the yellow and orange accent beads. The little citrine squares are a lovely clear yellow, like little pieces of sunlight in the design. The swirled glass saucers in fall yellow and orange give a hint of Halloween candy corn color enhancing the autumn vibe I was going for.

Made with love and meticulous care in my Colorado high country home studio. 

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