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Green Pyrite and Amber Stone Dangle Earrings, Antiqued Copper Earrings with Olive and Yellow Natural Stones



Rich antiqued brown copper and olive green and golden yellow stones are a match made for autumn in these handcrafted dangle earrings by Pebbles At My Feet. Green "copper jasper" or "green pyrite" ovals display shades and highlights of olive green with flecks of metallic greyish gold pyrite. Sometimes stone names used in the bead trade are hard to match with the mineral world, and that's the case with these stones. None-the-less, the little oval stones are that expectant transitional green color that happens in late summer. Like the tree foliage in early fall, there's a hint of yellow there. I've paired the green pyrite with glowing amber chips to represent the golden hue the aspen trees deliver every fall.

I hand wired a green jasper oval with pure copper wire working a double spiral design on the face of the stone. The olive stone is linked to a stack of lightweight amber gemstone chips in French vanilla to golden sunshine yellow colors. The copper wire and natural stone dangles are hung on my handcrafted copper ear hooks. Natural woodland colors, natural stones, and rustic copper wire work combine to make these jasper and amber earrings a beautiful adornment you'll want to wear all fall. What a thoughtful gift to present to your wife, mother, or Thanksgiving Day hostess this year.


  • Green stone ovals measure 3/8-inch wide by 1/2-inch tall
  • Earrings are just a smidgen short of 2 1/2-inches long


  • Green pyrite (aka copper jasper)
  • Genuine amber
  • Copper wire

You will receive the exact item pictured.

If you have concerns about copper ear wires, there are allergy-free ear wire options available for an extra charge. Please message me prior to purchase.

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