Delicate Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Bracelet with Amethyst Gemstones, Minimalist Gold Bracelet



This delicate wire wrapped bracelet with amethyst gemstones and and gold infinity links is an exquisitely light-weight accessory: a hint of gold and purple circling your wrist. This minimalist gold bracelet would make a lovely sweetheart or anniversary gift: the infinity links are a symbol of eternity, of love everlasting. Amethyst is February’s birthstone. You’ve just found the perfect gift for your valentine-sweetheart-with-the-February-birthday. Now what are the odds?

  • Artisan crafted in 14K gold filled wire and genuine amethyst gemstones
  • Handcrafted infinity links and wire wrapped gemstone links
  • Closes with a hook and eye
  • Closures allow for 2 sizes: 7.25 and 6.5-inch (18.4cm and 16.5cm)

The rich look of gold and amethyst makes a delicate statement in this handcrafted bracelet. Tiny amethyst gemstone beads are wire wrapped with fine gauge 14/20 k gold filled wire and linked together with hammered gold filled infinity links to make a light and airy chain bracelet. You get a double dose of amethyst beauty with rich, dark purple faceted stones and pale lavender smooth finished rounds. 

Closing on the hand-wrought hook on the eye, the bracelet is about 7.25-inches long. This is a ladies “average” size. The gold filled hook can also close on the last infinity link for 6.5-inch or “small” size. When closed at the shorter closure, the eye and a tiny amethyst gemstone link will dangle like a charm from the hook. A chain style bracelet like this should fit somewhat loosely falling just at the top of the hand. To see if this lovely gemstone bracelet would fit you or your friend you can check the length of a favorite charm bracelet or chain that you have. You can measure your wrist with a yarn wrapped loosely around it just about the base of your thumb; then lay the yarn out flat against a ruler or tape measure. I am able to make some alterations, but making the bracelet much shorter is not possible without completely rebuilding it. Please message me if you need a different size.

Please note: in order to show the details of workmanship, colors, and textures, my photos show the jewelry at larger than life scale. Please refer to the photo with the ruler (showing inches on the left and millimeters on the right) to help you relate to the actual size of the item. 

I used 14/20 k gold-filled wire in the construction of this bracelet. Gold-filled wire is an affordable alternative to karat gold. It is at least 5% karat gold by weight as opposed to gold plated components that contain less than 0.05 wt% gold. Where I have cut the wire (exposing the brass core) may darken in time. Generally speaking, 14k gold-filled jewelry is durable and can be polished like gold to keep its luster.

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