Dainty Moonstone Pebble Earrings, Simple Drop Earrings in Oxidized Sterling Silver and Grey Moonstone



These artful, simple stone drop earrings feature dainty pebbles of greyish moonstone. By setting the stones in oxidized sterling silver wire the greyish cast of the gemstones is accentuated. These moonstone nuggets have the mysterious grey glowing translucence of the gemstone. One of the pebbles has nice schiller (or silvery flash), the other very little. These sweet and simple pebble earrings are a great neutral accessory for your everyday wardrobe.

Grey moonstone pebble earrings details:

  • Freeform tumbled nuggets are about 6mm thick by 10-11mm wide
  • In inches these dimensions are 1/4 x 3/8-inch.
  • Natural white or grey moonstone gemstone
  • Constructed of sterling silver and given dark patina
  • Earrings are 1.125-inches long (~28mm)

Nothing could be simpler or easier to wear than a pair of pebble earrings. Each pair is unique even if made from the same type of stone. Pebbles are delightfully free form, lumpy, or baroque. Each stone shows more or less color, shimmer, or translucence. Using just a single stone as an earring ornament gives it the chance to be adored for itself in a close to natural state. Moonstone is an amazing gemstone, some calibrated gems are astonishingly beautiful (and expensive).These little polished nuggets make it accessible and casual enough to wear "gems" everyday. Power to the pebbles!

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