Blue Flash Labradorite Necklace, Hammered Copper Rustic Labradorite Gemstone Pendant



A rustic labradorite gemstone pendant set in dark patina hammered copper has eye catching schiller of aqua, dark blue, and gold. This blue flash labradorite necklace is set in a handcrafted tab mount of hand textured copper with a contrasting sterling silver rivet holding the bail. The dark antique copper pendant has a lovely texture on the backplate, that looks almost like tooled leather. A secret crescent moon cut-out on the back allows the labradorite gemstone to shimmer with coppery golden highlights there for only you to see.

Labradorite tab set pendant:


  • The labradorite cabochon is oval shaped, 1.25" long by 0.6875" wide (32 x 17mm)
  • The copper-set gemstone pendant is 1.75" long (44.5mm)
  • The solid copper chain is 18" long (45.7cm)


  • Labradorite cabochon
  • Labradorite beads
  • Copper sheet metal, wire
  • Copper chain, copper lobster clasp
  • Sterling silver wire

Labradorite is such a fascinating stone. It can look simply grey or brownish black until you tilt or turn the stone just so. Iridescent color play, called labradorescence, changes the stone's appearance instantly. The colors are dispersed reflections off cleavage planes within the stone. I'm told that the lapidary (stone cutter) has to orient these planes so that the cabochon will show the best color play with the stone upright. This labradorite stone is cut well, showing aqua, blue green, blue, bronze, and a coppery brown schiller. My handcrafted copper setting complements its primarily blue-green color. The solid copper cable chain is embellished with two tiny saucers of labradorite at the clasp, one of which displays brilliant golden-green, the other a subtle blue.

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