Jasper Earrings in Neutral Beige Colors, Natural Stone Beaded Earrings in Dark Copper



Jasper stones are playing variations on a sandy beige theme in these beaded earrings set in rich dark copper. A little brown jade stone in golden tan color sits atop a stack of three jasper beads. STrung together and suspended from antiqued copper wire work These rustic natural stone earrings will be a favorite for any season.

  • Jasper stones and brown jade in sandy brown colors
  • Constructed using solid copper wire and accents
  • Handcrafted copper ear hooks
  • Made in Colorado USA
  • 1 7/8-inches long or about 48mm

I chose the most unusual stones from some impression jasper, red creek jasper, and capuccino jasper strands, selecting for the whitest or palest ones. This produced a collection of tan, taupe, and sandy beige stones, some spotted with bown and grey, or swirled with fine veins of neutral brown. It's my "jasper whites" collection. I strung four natural stone beads, a couple of copper disks, and a little flat daisy shaped copper bead onto fine copper wire. The bottom of the wire was shaped into a spiral and hammered to stiffen and flatten it. The simple stack of stone beads and copper is suspended on my handcrafted earhooks where the turned up hanging loop echos the spiral below.

Simple in design and with a pleasing neutral palette these jasper earrings are a calming accessory. They are cool to look at and study the stones, and they are easy-going and ready to accessorize anything in your casual wardrobe.