Spiral Design Earrings with Tiny Labradorite Gemstones, Antiqued Copper Earrings Ancient Spirals



These copper earrings with a trio of spirals and tiny labradorite gemstones are rustic adornments with timeless appeal. Spirals are ancient spiritual symbols of rebirth, growth, and transformation. Spirals are present throughout Nature in growing plants, shells, whirlwinds and whirlpools, ripples in water, and the cycles of the season. Spirals are fundamental and raw. They are the galaxies we can barely glimpse. It's no surprise that these spiral design earrings have an ancient relic feel.

I hand wired these fancy spiral earrings making the tripple spiral carefully so the spirals taper from top to bottom. Each spiral took one less wrap of wire than the one above:  first clockwise, then counterclockwise, then mirror images for the other ear. It takes focus and intent. And I'm not ashamed to say it took a few cycles of start-and-fail until I had it right. These labradorite spiral earrings are really a pair of fancy earhooks formed from a single piece of copper wire. The gemstones with pretty flashes of yellow green and aqua dangle beneath the dark copper coiled spiral ear wires.

Rustic and unusual, these artisan spiral earrings would make a splendid gift for your wife on your 7th wedding anniversary. Or for any occasion to remember the cool petroglyphs you found on a trip to Utah.


  • 1.875 Inches long from top of the ear wire to the bottom of the gemstone dangle (48mm)
  • 0.375 Inch wide at the widest part of the spiraling design (9mm)
  • Labradorite stones measure 0.1875" wide by 0.25" tall (5 x 6mm)


  • Labradorite faceted briolettes
  • Copper wire

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