Pebble Earrings in Brass with Red Jasper Stones, Earthy Red Stone Drop Earrings



A cheerful pair of earrings you'll enjoy wearing every day. These pebble earrings flaunt red jasper stones in golden brass wire settings. They are petite and packed with style due to the surprisingly bold stones.

The "white Lace" variety of Red Jasper is markedly streaked and mottled with orange, tan, and creamy white bands. I selected this pair of stones because each one had a freckled tan stripe that made it really striking for such a small pebble. The earthy red jasper stones are about 3/8-inch long and slightly thinner around their middles. Brick red, you could call them, with that cool creamy stripe, the jeweler's brass wire wrap complements the warm tones of the stone.

"White Lace" Red Jasper Pebble Earrings details:

  • Genuine jasper stones are brick red with a swirl of tan
  • Jasper pebbles are 1/4-inch by 3/8-inch
  • Wire wrapped using red brass wire
  • Earrings measure just shy of 1.25-inches (30mm) long