Linear Earrings with Blue Lace Agate Pebbles, Airy Blue Stone Earrings in Dark Patina Sterling Silver



These linear earrings, with linked chains of blue lace agate pebbles, are long, slinky, and rustically luxurious. Each earring drips a cascade of hand wired airy blue stones from handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks. Blue lace agate is hard to describe and difficult to photograph. It is the color of sky under the clouds - kind of blue, sort of purplish, and with wispy bands of paler blue and white. The pale blue lace agate takes on a stromy sky appeal in the dark patina sterling silver wired setting. I imagine the agate pebbles could be plump raindrops forming under those clouds ready to refresh the landscape and your everyday jewelry wardrobe!

3 1/8-inches long or about 80mm from the top of the silver ear hooks. 

The simple, playful cascade of pebbles is perfect for the woman who loves long earrings and has a casual elegant personal style. These earrings would complement my blue lace agate, kyanite, and chalcedony necklace listed separately:

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