Geometric Tribal Dangle Earrings with Red and Grey Jasper Stones, Sterling Silver, Ocean Jasper and Tiger Iron Jasper



These striking handcrafted earrings have bold geometric tribal style with red and grey streaked tiger iron jasper triangles, grey ocean jasper drums, and angular spiral wire work. Tiger iron is a layered stone usually with tiger eye, red jasper, and hematite. This variety, which I purchased as "tiger iron jasper" is mostly earthy red jasper with streaks of grey to black hematite that has a metallic sheen. There is ever-so-slight a hint of golden tiger eye, but none of that stone's typical chatoyancy. Still, these red stone triangles are stunning. Taking the jasper stones' colors as the lead element in my design, I paired the red and gray triangles with plump drum-shaped grey jasper stones from a strand of ocean jasper and oxidized sterling silver wire with a steel gray color. Geometric shapes dance around a red and grey color scheme making these tribal dangle earrings an arresting accessory with black, white, and grey wardrobe choices. 

  • Earthy grey and red stone earrings in geometric tribal design
  • Handcrafted in sterling silver and natural stone
  • Made in Colorado, USA, in my South Park home studio
  • Tiger iron jasper triangles measure about 0.75 inches per side
  • Ocean jasper drums measure 0.44 inch in diameter
  • Accented with sterling silver hand worked wire headpins and Bali sterling beads
  • Overall length is just over 2 inches or 52mm

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