Denim Blue Earrings, Stone Rectangle Earrings in Sterling Silver, Dumortierite Earrings with Rhodochrosite



These denim blue and pink Bohemian dangle earrings with dumortierite and rhodochrosite, will add rustic feminine flair to your blue jeans wardrobe. These stone rectangle earrings feature slabs of dumortierite wired together with a pretty openwork sterling silver cap and rustic raw stone rhodochrosite disks. The blue dumortierite is the color of vintage blue jeans, the pink rhodochrosite adds sweetness, while the sterling silver hints of flowers making these denim blue earrings an eclectic juxtaposition of refinement, raw edginess, and spring bouquets. Just like your favorite girlfriend.


  • Dumortierite rectangles measure 1.625-inches long by 0.375-inch wide.
  • Rhodochrosite discs average 0.375-inch wide
  • Earrings are 2.75-inches long


  • Dumortierite lapidary cut rectangles
  • Rhodochrosite rustic discs
  • Sterling silver bead cap, formed by hand
  • Sterling silver wire
  • Sterling silver manufactured lever-back hooks

The dumortierite rectangles are varied shades of stone-washed denim blue. They look a bit like blue granite, all speckled with pale grey and shades of blue. To sweeten them up a bit, I chose watermelon pink rhodochrosite as accent stones. The pink stones are raw and unpolished which is a very earthy and edgy way to do pink. The combination of pink and faded denim is perfect for these boho earrings. Wear them with your vintage jeans, or flowery peasant dress.

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