Septarian Stone Earrings, Black and Brown Stone Fossil Earrings



A double shot of rich, brown beauty, these earrings feature interesting septarian slabs and wood opalite rondelles. The blackish brown septarian rectangles have a fractured pattern in grey with speckles of pyrite. The wood opalite stones are a dark chocolate brown. The stones are framed in bronze spacer beads. These earrings are crafted using sterling silver wire throughout. The handmade ear wires are 20 gauge sterling silver.


Septarian Nodules are fossilized mud bubbles that formed between 50 and 70 million years ago. They are composed of calcite, aragonite, and are coated in limestone. Septarian Nodules form in air bubbles which create crystal pockets. The combination of minerals creates interesting contrasts in texture and color. It is a soft stone, best suited for earrings or necklaces. Jewelry with septarian should be thoroughly dried before wear or storing. It is not recommended to use any harsh chemicals, ultrasonic devices or steam cleaners with this geode. Always store septarian in a soft pouch (provided with your purchase) to protect it from scratches.

Wood opalite is a type of fossilized wood. Look closely, and you can faintly see the rings and texture of wood grain.

I find fossils fascinating and enjoy discovering new ones that have made their way into the gemstone trade. Septarian is one of these. The patterns are so cool, and the satiny black color delightful to view and to feel in your hands.

2 1/4” long from the top of the earwires.

7/16” wide 

Each earring weighs 3.5 grams, a little more than a penny coin.

Ships from central Colorado via USPS Ground Advantage. Made by hand in my smoke-free, pet-free home studio. for visiting. Stay and browse more artisan jewelry by Pamela Hollis here: