Chunky Earrings with Blue Green Apatite, Royal Blue Lapis, and Seafoam Magnesite Stones



Chunky earrings feature stone beads in shades of blue and green. A quirky mixture of shapes, sizes, and color tones makes these a fun abstract pair of earrings. Let their sihouette and color be the art to accessorize a simple black dress or neutral suit or mix them with a bunch of your layered Bohemian scarves, bracelets, and chains - they are bold enough to hold their own either way.

The focal point of these handcrafted earrings is a large chunky sea green or greenish turquoise color magnesite nugget (dyed). The stones are tumbled pebbles and do not match exactly. One stone is a lopsided triangle shape and a little longer than its mate. The other is a rounder stone with a concave back. They are each a little over 1/2-inch long and a little under 1/2-inch wide. They looks like pebbles you might pick up anywhere, except for the color. I'm going to call it "seafoam". Even though these stones are dyed to achieve this color, they look natural, with little veins of brown running through and their irregular pebbly surfaces feel nice to the touch.

I selected deep blue lapis lazuli flat square beads and dark teal color apatite stones to go with the seafoam nuggets. Both accent stones are very dark, one is a little greener than the other but together they give a blue impression that fits with the sea color palette. I strung stones on sterling silver wire with a couple of tiny steel grey hematite beads in between. The spacing lets you appreciate the separate colors and the funky shapes of each stone element. The earrings are completed with my handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks in a very plain but graceful design.

These seafoam nugget earrings are 1.75-inches long.

A special note about caring for these earrings: color enhancements are common practice with many gemstones and semiprecious gemstones used in the bead trade. I feel it's a good idea to store treated stones in a pouch or inside a jewelry case to minimize exposure to light. Your earrings will come in a pouch and in a gift box either of which (or both) may be used to store your purchase.