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Black Feather Jasper Earrings, Orange Jasper with Black Dendritic Markings, Sterling Silver Earrings



Simple jasper earrings with rare Utah feather jasper stones, aka yellow feather jasper or black feather jasper. These pinkish orange yellow jasper stones have delicate feathery markings in dark black and greyish brown. The oxidized sterling silver wire wrap draws attention to the feather patterns. The clay clolered jasper stones show bright against the dark gray metal. If you like unique stones, these black feather jasper earrings will be a welcome addition to your natural stone jewelry collection


  • Jasper triangles measure 5/8" wide by about 1" long
  • Earrings are 2" long from the top of the almond-shaped ear hooks


  • Cut and drilled jasper stones
  • Black feather jasper or yellow feather jasper Utah mined
  • Sterling silver wire

Jasper is a beautifully varied stone in rich earthy colors and interesting patterns. These unusual jasper stones are rosy orange almost clay pot colored with yellowish tan spots and the eponymous black feather patterns. When I saw these stones, I was intriqued. I made the setting as simple as possible so that the unique stones would capture your attention. 

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