African Turquoise Jasper Pebble Earrings in Antiqued Copper



Simple and easy-to-wear, my natural stone pebble earrings celebrate the little things. Here I've used teal African "turquoise", a type of jasper stone, in small rounded pebble shape. The bright teal turquoise color really pops against the darkened copper wirework and ear wires.

Pebble earrings are a simple drop style and feature just one little stone. You can focus on the beautiful dark turquoise color of these pebbles and trace the dark spots and lines on their surface. The African "turquoise" pebbles are captured on copper wire. I coiled a tiny knot at the bottom to hold the stone, formed a hanging ring then coiled the tail of wire on top of the pebble like a cap. The teal colored pebbles swing on cute copper ear wires with spiral loops.

These handcrafted earrings are just 1.25-inches long from the top of the ear wire. 

Please note: these stones have the trade name "African turquoise" but they are not turquoise gemstone. African turquoise is likely a type of jasper stone; its color varies from dark teal to pale minty green usually with black spots or lines.



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