Purple Natural Stone Slab Earrings, Marbled Look Purple and White Stone Earrings with Textured Silver Accent



A pair of purple natural stone earrings that make a violet-shadows-on-snow wintery statement. I was drawn to the intricate patterns of the stones; the streaks of purple and rusty orange in a snowy background of parchment white. The 10x40mm rectangular slabs are topped with my handcrafted sterling silver topper, textured with a swirling pattern like wind-blown snow devils across the landscape. I was in a winter mood when I designed these earrings, but the lovely violet and lavender colors speak of spring flowers just as well. 


If you like interesting natural stones, these rectangular bar earrings are sure to please.

Wired in 22-gauge sterling silver wire, the purple stone drops are presented on handmade 20-gauge sterling silver ear wires. 


  • Length = 2 7/16” (almost 2 ½”) 
  • Width = ⅜ inch
  • Crafted in sterling silver
  • Handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks

I'd love to be able to tell you more about these striking purple and white stones called "petrified fluorite", but like a lot of others in the gemstone trade, stones are called something that doesn’t track directly to its mineral origins. “Petrified” means “turned to stone” so my educated guess is that these are cut from a mixed rock of some sort, perhaps including organic petrified material, with prominent  bands of purple fluorite along with other minerals, including quartz, making it a harder stone than fluorite all by itself. Purple fluorite is believed to be a cleansing and purifying stone. It can aid in concentration and maintaining relationships. It is a stone of discernment and aptitude, an excellent learning aid. 

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