Taupe Stone Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver, Fossil Coral Agate Earrings



These sterling silver wire wrapped natural stone earrings feature chunky teardrops of fossil coral stone. The taupe stone drop earrings display intriguing patterns in earthy gray, taupe, and pale beige. Dark oxidized sterling silver wire wrap and handmade ear hooks accentuate the grayish tones in the agate coral.

Simple drop earrings with stones that invite a second glance make a great gift idea for the woman who loves the natural world and earthy Boho fashions.


  • Earrings are about 2" long
  • Fossil coral teardrops are about 7/16" wide at the widest point


  • Sterling silver wire
  • Fossil Coral stones, rustic faceted teardrop shape

Fossil coral, also known as flower jasper or agatized fossil coral is ancient tropical marine coral that died hundreds of millions of years ago. Corals are tiny animals that when living, secrete and build an external skeleton like a little cup with small supporting rays and collumns within. This skeleton, which is quite porous and soft in life, is over the ages replaced by harder minerals like silica quartz and turned to hard stone. The Fossil Coral stones retain the characteristics of the original replaced coral skeleton. How cool is that?

Fossil corals are found in many places around the world, some quite distant from current tropical or subtropical environments. Michigan's famous Petoskey stones are one type of fossilized corals. Some fossil corals are quite brightly colored in gold and orange due to other minerals that were present in the surrounding environment. Indonesian fossil corals are renowned for large flower patterns and the golden orange color.

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