Artistic Stone and Lapis Earrings, Yoga Inspired Earrings with OM Symbol Beads



 Artistic stone jasper is paired with lapis, sterling silver wire work, and Thai Hill Tribes fine silver beads with an embossed OM or Aum symbol in these yoga-inspired earrings. The artistic jasper are slightly golden tan color with black markings like ink brushstrokes on old parchment. The blue lapis stones are a refreshing and soothing aaccent. I fashioned a gleaming and free-flowing silver zig zag design across the face of the large artistic jasper beads that is meant to represent a meandering river or pathway through life. Just as the Om represents the three states of time, the holy trinity, and the three essences in one spirit, so too does the silver path have three main turns on the stone.

The artistic jasper stones are 5/8-inch in diameter (about 18mm). They have a smooth satin surface that is not highly polished. The lapis lazuli stones are flat rounded chips with a semi-gloss shine that contrasts with the soft river stone texture of the larger stones. I polished the sterling silver to a bright shine which adds sparkle on the black and brown jasper stones.

My black, grey, and tan natural jasper blue lapis earrings are just 2.125-inches or 54mm long from the top of the handcrafted sterling silver ear wires.

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