Charoite Earrings in Sterling Silver, Purple Stone and Silver Bead Earrings



Rustic, yet refined, these purple stone and silver bead earrings feature black and lavender charoite and textured sterling silver beads. These charoite earrings are wire wrapped in dark patina sterling silver wire with rustic flair and  swing on handmade bright silver ear hooks. These striking charoite earrings measure about 1.875-inches long, a moderate length dangle that is easy to wear or give as a gift. Crafted from high quality natural stone beads, sterling silver beads, and sterling silver wire, these cool purple stone earrings are sure to become enduring favorites.


  • Charoite rustic cut disk beads
  • Sterling silver beads
  • Hand wired in sterling silver
  • Handmade 925 silver ear hooks
  • 1.875 inches long, 47mm
  • 0.5 inch wide, ~13mm

Charoite is a very varied stone a swirling mix of purple hues - lilac, violet, lavender - with black and grey to clear inclusions. Purple charoite also has an interesting pearly luster that often has a chatoyance like tiger's eye. The stones I paired for these earrings both exhibit light purple or lilac islands surrounded by striking black rock matrix. I strung the charoite stones and oval sterling silver beads together with a liberal wrap of wire forming a "waist" between the two. This purple stone and silver beaded drop swings on my handcrafted pixie shaped ear hooks their brightly polished silver adds refinement to the rustic design. These purple dangle earrings are handmade and unique. The colors are versatile, you can pair them with black, crisp white, but also orange and rusty tones, grey-blue, burgundy, eggplant, turquoise, and evergreen too. Wear them for their handcrafted character or just because you like purple and they'll go with anything. 

I use close-up photography to best show the details of my jewelry. The earrings may appear larger than they are. Please refer to the photo with the ruler and the measurements given above to help you relate to their actual size.

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