African Brass Bead Earrings with Genuine Jade Stones, Canadian Jade Earrings in Brass and Sterling Silver



African brass beads are the center of attention in these bold earrings with natural Canadian jade accents. Hollow, individually made Ghana filigree beads look like openweave baskets in a triangular leaf shape. The yellowish brass color is complemented by beautiful Canadian jade's green.

These bold arrings are constructed in brass wire with wafer-thin African brass heishi along with the focal beads and stones. These brass dangle earrings swing on my oxidized sterling silver handmade wires. Because the brass beads are hollow, these fall statement earrings are fairly lightweight for their impact.


  • 2 inches long
  • 3/4 inch wide at the top of the brass triangles
  • 6.2 grams each, about the weight of a US quarter


  • Sterling silver handcrafted ear hooks
  • Jeweler's red brass wire
  • Ghana handmade filigree brass beads 
  • African brass heishi beads

The changing season, from summer to fall, was on my mind when I designed these earrings. I love how the leaves turn sort of a yellow-green before they decide to go gold all the way. I thought jade provided that lush summer green just hinting at the change to come. Out here in central Colorado, "brass" describes the color of the ripe tall grass that surrounds our house and leads up to the aspen grove. 

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