Copper Hoop Dangle Earrings with Amber, Rustic Amber Earrings



Lightweight kinetic copper hoop earrings glow with the billiant yellow of amber gemstone chips. These rustic amber earrings are handcrafted in solid copper wire that I gave a dark brown patina to show off the golden amber stones. Amber is fossilized pine resin and is very light in weight compared with similar sized gemstones. I used 18 gauge copper for the hoops - thinner than I usually use for a hoop ornament, but a strategically placed solder connection keeps the hoop strong. You'll hardly know you're wearing these rustic amber hoops, but they'll dance and flutter like the falling leaves of autumn to remind you to smile. It's a good day.


  • Hoop dangles are about 1 1/16"  in diameter
  • Earrings measure 1 7/8" long from the top of the ear hooks


  • Copper wire
  • Amber gemstone chips

If you like earrings with motion, these copper hoops are a good option. The little stack of amber chips will dangle inside the coper frame and the round hoops will sway left and right, front and back too. Women with long hair might want to pull it back so these kinetic earrings can move freely.

These unique amber earrings are ready to ship. They'll arrive in a nice satin or linen pouch that's nice to give or treat yourself. If you have concerns about copper wire in your piercing, please ask about nickel-free niobium hooks available at an extra charge.

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