White Keshi Pearl Earrings in Yellow Gold, Stacked Keshi Pearls, Slipless Twisted Wire Ear Hooks Gold Filled



Lustrous creamy white keshi pearls are stacked up and hand wired in 14 k yellow gold filled in these keshi pearl earrings. The artisan crafted twisted wire ear hooks add delicate visual interest and as a bonus tend to slip less than smooth wire so your pearl earrings stay on. These pearl earrings, with rainbow iridescent white pearls, are elegant or casual depending on your style for the day. These stacked pearl chip earrings would make a lovely gift for any woman who loves pearls and prefers to wear yellow gold jewelry. Yellow gold filled wire is an affordable option to karat gold: it is made of a heavy layer of karat gold on a brass core, much heavier and more enduring than costume "gold tone" or "gold plate" finishes.


  • 1.75 inches from the top of the handcrafted ear wires
  • Pearl stack averages around 0.32 inch wide
  • Keshi pearls vary in thickness and shape in the stack


  • 14/20 yellow gold filled wire
  • 14/20 gold filled twist wire for the handmade ear hooks
  • Keshi Pearls, center drilled

Keshi pearls are "accidental pearls" formed in the culturing process. Keshi pearls are not nucleated or grown on a shape or kernel inserted into the mollusk, rather they are solid nacre or "pearl stuff". Keshi will form in a mollusk after the initial cultured pearls are harvested or they will form along with the intended cultured pearl if a little piece breaks off and forms its own pearl sac. Keshi are irregular in shape but incredibly lustrous and iridescent. The curly, sometimes potato chip appearance also adds interest to these wonderful little byproducts of the pearl trade.

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