Moss Agate Gemstone Sphere Earrings, Screw Back Nonpierced Earrings 12k Gold Filled



These delicate moss agate earrings are screw back earrings for non-pierced ears. Both the moss agate gemstone ball and the finely crafted gold filled screw back earring components are "new old stock" from the 1970's. If you've read about me here on my website, you'll recall that my dad was a lapidary hobbyist who encouraged my love of natural stones and shared a little mystery of jewelry-making with me when I was young. I made these screw earrings with some never-used supplies from his hobby stash. What a delight it is to remember Dad and to make something from things he selected those many years ago. The little moss agate gemstone spheres are amazing examples of the stone. Fine dark green tendrils suspended in a clear gray quartz "world", moss agate is both mysterious and lovely. The screw back earring components are finely made. The screw works smoothly and the finishing is superb where the earring fits around the ear lobe. The green gemstone ball is half-drilled and I fitted it to the peg and cup of the earring mount, securing it with jeweler's epoxy. 

These are classic earrings with 6mm (about 1/4-inch) agate spheres. When worn, they have the appearance of ear studs. The never-used gold filled ear screw has aged for45 to 50 years but is still bright and rich-looking. A bit of aged patina is evident in the screw post. The knob for adjusting the screw back is clearly marked "1/20 12k G.F." indicating the gold content and form.

These non pierced earrings are newly made from never-used vintage components, and truly one of a kind. They'd be an inspired gift for the bride who doesn't have pierced ears. Something old and new both for her going-away outfit. These gemstone ball earrings with their moss agate stones are a great gift idea for any woman who never got her ears pierced. They are petite and easy to wear for any occasion.

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