Outer-space Inspired Keshi Pearl Earrings, Purple Amethyst and Peacock Pearl Wire Wrapped Earrings in Copper




Here's a pair of Keshi pearl earrings inspired by fantastic images from Outer Space.

These drop earrings are made with iridescent keshi pearl petals and dark purple faceted amethyst gemstone beads. Together, the lustrous gems just seemed to evoke the amazing images of interstellar space. Iridescent and full of energy, the pearl flakes are wired in solid copper beneath the amethyst gemstones. Ear wires are handmade in copper too.

1 ⅝ inches long

½ inch wide at the bottom of the pearls

I chose an image of NGC 346 as my inspiration for these galactic earrings. NGC is a star cluster in a nearby galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud, about 200,000 light-years from Earth. In recently composited images from the JWST, Chandra Xray Observatory, Hubble, and Spitzer we see plumes and arcs of gas and dust that stars and planets use as source material during their formation. The purple cloud on the left seen with Chandra is the remains of a supernova explosion from a massive star. 

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