Genuine Turquoise Dangle Earrings with Red Botswana Agate Wired in Brass



A trio of small pebbles of genuine turquoise and red botswana agate hand wired in antiqued brass make up these dangle earrings by Pebbles At My Feet. Genuine turquoise rounded nuggets, displaying both bluer and seafoam or greener hues of turquoise are linked together at the top of the dangles. Beneath the seafoam turquoise pebble, an orange agate stone brings light and sunny color as it dances there. I chose brass wire for its warmth, and antiqued it for the rich look of vintage gold.

These quite simple dangle earrings will become your favorite everyday turquoise earrings. They'd make a cheerful gift for the woman with a December birthday, or you best girlfriend whose favorite gemstone is turquoise. Handcrafted and unique, she'll welcome them into her turquoise jewelry collection.

These agate and turquoise dangle earrings measure 2 3/8 inches from the top of the handmade brass ear hooks. 

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