Lapis Gemstone Stretch Bracelet with Thai Hill Tribes Fine Silver and Verdite Stones



This lapis gemstone bracelet is a single strand of refreshing blue and green stones with a Hill Tribes artisan silver bead at the center. Lapis beads, both smooth round and faceted round, are 8mm (about 5/16 inch) in diameter. I've paired them with verdite star cut faceted rounds in the same size, and a slightly smaller fine silver bead that has the appearance of wound wire. I love the interaction of the colors and finishes of the beads.

This green and blue stone stretch bracelet measure 7 1/2 inches and is considered a woman's medium size. This stretch bracelet is strung on latex-free, strong stretchy cord. It is recommended that you roll the bracelet on and off, rather than over-stretching and tugging it in one direction.

My working title as I made this bracelet was "the Blue Planet". You know, those woderful images of Earth from space. The rich royal blue and verdant green evoke the skies, seas, and dense forests of our wonderful world. The bright spot of silver with its spiraling wire texture adds the notion of streaming clouds and layered atmosphere. 

Since antiquity, Lapis has been used as a talisman to ward off evil. It is thought to increase creativity, objectivity, and clarity in one's life. It can access your intuition and aid in communication. In color psychology, blue is associated with ocean and sky and is useful to promote a sense of calm and order. Blue is sincere, honest, and quiet. Blue relates to communication, enhancing self-expression. Blue can aid in contemplation and prayer and signifies devotion, loyalty, trust, and integrity. I hope you get that sense with this blue stone bracelet.

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