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OK, so it's been a couple of years - yes, years - since my last blog post. I've been trundling along with my online shop, showing and selling at craft shows in my local Colorado area, creating new natural stone jewelry, and concentrating on getting better with my photography. I love hearing from folks who've stumbled across my shop or a photo in a Google search so I figured I'd better get the best photos I can out there. That's occupied the better part of the past year. But I do enjoy sharing more of my process and writing about jewelry-making and hope to connect with you more often here at PebblesAtMyFeet.com.

Let's just ignore the two-year hiatus and get right down to it, shall we? I've got some great new items for the fall season. Some are in the shop, and some are still sitting in my listing backlog. While Pebbles At My Feet is known to take inspiration from the colors of Nature and the glorious landscapes around me here in Colorado, this year I did something a little different. My color inspiration was the Pantone Fall-Winter 2019 palette.


Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Week Colors by Pantone

At first I thought, “Where are the olive greens, and the eggplant, royal purple, and mustard?” But then the prominence of pink and peach and blue grew on me. And besides, this is a palette to take you through winter – and how glorious are Eden green and Biking red with Fruit Dove pink and Crème de Peche for the holiday season? I started seeing pearls, and red tiger’s eye, and tourmaline, rhodochrosite, and lapis together and as accents with the other colors.


My Natural Stone Interpretation of the Pantone Fall 2019 Palette

And here are a few of the pieces in my Fall Collection. Some will end up in my Etsy shop, and some will be right here at  PebblesAtMyFeet.com. Many of these earrings have more traditional fall colors like burnt orange, brick red, and golden tan. But I did let the Pantone palette influence the collection. I really like the pop of Galaxy blue and the creamy peachy pearls in brown copper. More reds and pearly shades are still on the bench, but these are the next items to be listed. The colors truly have timeless, seasonless appeal, with a coziness I associate with fall.


Fall Selections coming soon to Pebbles At My Feet Feature Jasper, Rhyolite, Carnelian, Lapis, Iolite, Kyanite, Agate, Pearl, Rhodochrosite, and Serpentine

Encouraged to do something pink for fall, I made this pendant, setting the rhodonite natural stone in earthy copper with a dark patina and including bronzite beads in Rocky Road brown. I kind of think it works.

Rhodonite Riveted Pendant on Rhodonite, Bronzite, and Copper Chain

Tell me, do you have a favorite color from the palette? Does it make you think Autumn? What do you think of pink for fall? Let me know in the comments.


Pebbles At My Feet Natural Stone Adornments

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