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A couple hours into 2020 I woke, heart racing, with a lingering dream image in my mind. I had dreamed of a bear. A cinnamon-colored black bear, the kind we have here in Colorado. The real bears in nature are in hibernation right now. I haven't seen a bear in waking life for a couple of years. That August, a mother bear and two cubs was spotted walking about the neighborhood, including spending some time on our property.

My dream encounter started simply enough. Just an interesting ambling "chase" of sorts. Me following a bear as it went about its business. I don't remember how I was moving; I might have been levitating and gliding or dream-flying since the motion was smooth like a well-shot video. I never closed on the bear, the distance between us was considerable and respectful (kind of like my real-world sighting from the house to our back aspen grove). In this phase of the dream I just see the back of the bear or its profile.

Abruptly, the bear turned and in an instant its face was in my face and the bear spoke. (yeah, I know, a talking bear) "Don't you take my picture!" 

The face-off seemed to go forever. My heart was pounding, Bear's eyes narrowed, the phone in my hand (I only just then noticed the phone) frozen near my lap. I woke up, my usual practice with dream conflicts. Whew! Happy New Year to me.


A fuzzy photograph of a real-life bear visit to my home

I've had a little better luck taking pictures of some the wildlife around our home here in Colorado. Just for fun - here are a couple shots I've taken over the years. And none of these creatures talked back!


Makes me wish I had a good long telephoto or zoom lens. These beautiful creatures, Pronghorn, rabbit, bobcat, mule deer, all chose to come close enough to the house for me to photograph them from inside


I'm not hung up about finding a meaning to this dream, although interpretations of talking bears in dreams seem to indicate I should listen to the bear. Maybe the bear meant "get that phone out of my face"? I actually had a good laugh telling it to my husband in the morning. I just thought "how odd and interesting" and "a strange start to the New Year" and thought I'd share with you. Plus, I needed to write about something!

Perhaps by pointing me to my real-life wildlife encounters, and sharing the memories here, my talking bear dream had me start this year with gratitude. Understanding the blessings in life is a great way to start the New Year.

Have you had a disturbing or interesting dream lately? Do you ever marvel at what your mind creates for you in a dream? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


Pebbles At My Feet Natural Stone Adornments

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