Copper Wire Wrap Drop Earrings with Green Serpentine Stones, Simple Earrings, Olive Stone Earrings



Simple is often best, don't you think? These serpentine earrings are a case in point for the light touch. Olive green stones, gracefully wrapped in pure copper wire dance beneath elegant almond shaped handcrafted copper ear hooks.These drop earrings are a great everyday accessory that will enhance your neutral wardrobe with just a pop of sping-like green.

Copper wire wrapped drop earrings with green serpentine:

  • Green serpentine natural stone beads are 10mm (about 3/8-inch) in diameter
  • Handcrafted using solid copper wire
  • Stones and metal have a low-sheen waxed finish that enhances the colors
  • 1 1/4-inches long, 32mm

Handcrafted with care in my Colorado mountain home studio.

A note about copper jewelry: copper is almost a living thing. Solid copper jewelry, even pieces that have been "aged" or given a patina by the artist will still change color over time. I seal my copper work with wax but this is not a permanent solution. Copper will eventually darken to an all-over brown color. To prolong the color of your new jewelry, please store it in the pouch that I provide with your purchase. For copper earrings, please apply your lotions, sunscreen, perfumes, and hairspray BEFORE you put on your earrings.

Caring for these earrings is simple - store in the pouch when not wearing, use only a soft cloth if you need to clean or dry your earrings. When they seem to be changing to a darker mood, then you can decide what you like: either let them be and love their new, darker side, or polish them with a silver polishing cloth. Please understand that polishing them will remove the wax and tarnish and you might have to polish them more often. They'll be a brighter pinker color when polished. Enjoy!