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Halloween is celebrated on October 31. Are you someone who embraces this holiday? Lots of folks I know enjoy planning their costumes, watching scary or humorous old movies with witches and the like, decorating their front porch, or having a seasonal treat. Halloween during my childhood was a fun time; trick or treating, bobbing for apples at a party, dressing up and having a gradeschool parade. 

Halloween comes from Samhain, the celtic new year celebration: the time between harvest and the long cold "death" of winter. Of course, like many holidays on our calendar the Celtic Samhain and Roman Feralia became incorporated into the Christian All Souls Day, All Hallows Day (All Saints Day), and more specifically All Hallow's Eve, the night before All Saints Day. These holy days at the end of October and early November focused upon remembering the dead, communing with their spirits, and preparing the society for winter, with bonfires, parades with costumes of saints, angels, and devils.

By the early 1900's in the US, Halloween had lost much of its superstitious and religious conotations and had become more of a secular, community-centered tradition. With the baby boom of the late 40's and 1950's, Halloween became even more of a holiday for children with trick or treating, costumes, school parades, and parties with candy. In fact one quarter of all candy purchased annually in the US is purchased for Halloween*.

I've noticed that a number of my jewelry-making friends enjoy designing and making jewelry especially for Halloween and the concurrent Mexican holiday, Dia de Muertos. It's fun to see their creations roll out in early October. I thought I'd share some with you. Any of these creative pieces of jewelry would complete your Halloween costume, or give you something fun to wear throughout the end of October till All Souls Day. I hope you'll visit their shops and if something strikes your fancy, make a purchase. You'll make an artist's day!

First up is Kristin of Blue Dragonfly Landing on Etsy.


How cute are these Halloween themed earrings? I love the polymer clay jack-o-lanterns and the crazy ghoulish ghosts. Click on the photos to see Kristin's Etsy listing and make one of these yours.

Next is Kim of Wild Rain Designs.


Creepy coffin and skull necklace, a spider in rich black onyx, and a luminous amethyst coffin ring. Again, each photo links to the artisan's listing. I know you'd make Kim's day if you visited her shop.

Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs is based in El Paso, TX, and always creates some stunning Day of the Dead designs. From kitchy and fun jack o lanterns, to beautifully detailed sugar skulls, her jewelry is unique and eye-catching.


Click on any of these photos from Shadow Dog Designs to visit Catherine's shop.

And finally, Jen of Jens Fancy  Here are just a couple Halloween-themed pieces I found in her Etsy shop.


How cute are these? And the little ghosts glow in the dark!

There is so much more fun, handmade jewelry for Halloween. Try using the hashtag #Halloweenjewelry on Instagram to find new favorites.

At my shop, Pebbles At My Feet, I tend not to make specific holiday themed jewelry, except perhaps for hearts (but hearts are worn year-round).  But I do make my natural stone jewelry in seasonal color palettes, and always think that orange is a great choice for Halloween, especially set in dark patina copper or silver. These little carnelian teardrops glow like the candle in a jack-o-lantern.


Thanks for reading. I'd love to know what you think. Did you find a new artisan to follow? Do you do anything special for Halloween? Host a party? Dress up and play? Or perhaps you're an artist or crafter too and enjoy making things for others. Drop a comment below.


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Thank you, Pamela!

What a wonderful surprise to be included in your Halloween blog, Pamela - thank you so much! Interesting history of how Halloween changed over the centuries. And each and every piece of Halloween jewelry is so much fun! I'll share your blog far and wide and share each individual items. Thanks, again. Happy Halloween (a bit early).

You are very welcome,

You are very welcome, Catherine. Your festive sugar skulls brighten the page.

Thank you!

Hi Pamela,

Thank you so much for including me on your wonderful blog! I love seeing all of the Halloween jewelry. I will be sharing. Love your jewelry as well, beautiful creations . I can see we have a mutual love for the gemstones. :) Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!

Have a great day!
Jen's Fancy

You're welcome, Jen. I like

You're welcome, Jen. I like seeing your items pop up in my Instagram feed and thought I'd share your seasonal jewelry. And yes! I love stones too.

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