Color Inspirations: The First Spring Wildflowers

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A month before the aspen trees began to leaf and show their bright green colors against blue skies, the first wildflowers of spring emerged through gravel along roadsides and Ponderosa pine forests in South Park, Colorado.

At Easter this past April, the Pasque Flowers, named for the holy day, appeared right on schedule. I took this photograph at the side of the dirt lane in front of my home. 

And these photos in the needle piles under our pine trees:


You can understand why the pioneers on the prairies and high country called these lavender flowers wild crocus. They are not related to crocus, however, but rather to the buttercup family. These early spring wildflowers are not amenable to garden cultivation. You have to appreciate the wild Pasque flower wherever it appears. There are European cultivars with much bolder colors that can be grown in high country gardens. Pasque flower is the South Dakota state flower.

I look for these friendly first flowers of spring every year. This year, they inspired me to see if I could express their soft colors in my natural stone jewelry. 

Pasque Flower inspired colors. "First Love" earrings available at

I love the not-quite blue, not-quite purple, pastel color of the flowers. In the earrings shown, blue chalcedony and amethyst nuggets try to capture it. 

I browsed some shops of my artisan friends to put together a collection in the purple, lilac, soft blue, realm that the Pasque flower expresses so naturally. Here are a few finds. All of these artists are independent makers and sell on various platforms on the internet. I hope you'll visit all of the shops represented. And keep them on your handmade shopping list.

Bird Painting Original Art by Chris Wrinn of Gallery Musings

Rustic runes ceramic earrings by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs

Ever-so-pale purple Cubic Zirconia Circle Necklace in Sterling Silver by Laura Bracken Designs

Blue Sheep soap by Debbie of The Lathered Lamb

Blue Flower Polymer Clay Canes for Bead-making by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions

Serenity Bird pendant Boho Necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Pastel blue and pastel purple alone and together make a perfect palette for spring, don't you agree? 

How does Nature inspire you or your creative work? Leave a comment. Thanks!


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I thought they were crocus, too. Pretty!
Everything is so very artistic here.
Thank You very much for sharing my painting!

Thanks for stopping by,

Thanks for stopping by, Chris. You are most welcome, I love your happy little bird painting.

Thank you, Pamela!

Oh, the beautiful pasque flower - one that is close to my heart. Grew several of the European varieties in soft pastel colors when we lived in Virginia - one of the many flowers in my flower beads I miss. Thank you for this treat of flowers and handmade lovelies! And thank you for including my rune earrings. Will share everywhere I can (:

You are very welcome,

You are very welcome, Catherine. I love seeing these flowers bloom every spring. But when I saw some of the cultivated ones I am inspired to (try to) garden.

What a nice surprise to have

What a nice surprise to have my little blue lamb soap featured in your blog today, along with other lovely handmade items! Thank you! I am fond of the many shades of bluish purple, too. I enjoyed seeing photos of the Pasque flowers, especially because I don't think I've seen that wild flower before. Lovely!

Thanks for stopping by,

Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. That little blue lamb is so sweet and it seemed it belonged in there. I'm pleased to introduce you to one of Colorado's high country wildflowers.

How Pretty

What a beautiful selection of blues! I just love your pretty flowers and can see why they are so inspirational to you. Thank you so much for including my flower cane among all of this talent. All of my favorite artists are here. :) Have shared everywhere.

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