Long Silver Twist Dangle Earrings with Amethyst Gemstones



Long, slender, and dramatic, these silver twist dangle earrings display beautiful purple amethyst gemstones and hand forged sterling silver twisted "ribbon" dangles. Even the gemstones get in on the twisting motif with their faceted twisted rondelle shape. These sterling silver earrings display amethyst faceted stones, 5 x7mm, and 60mm long sterling silver helices. The amethyst gem is wired in 24-gauge sterling silver to create a link to the earring and to the twisted silver dangle. They hang on sterling silver manufactured leverback earrings with a short drop.

If you love earrings with lots of dancing motion and brilliant reflections, you'll love these purple gemstone earrings. How lovely they'll look in summer sunlight when you put you hair up to show off these bright silver twisted dangles.

3 ⅜ inches long.

Amethyst comes from the Greek “amethystos” and means “not” “intoxicate” and so the belief was that amethyst could counter the effects of alcohol. Amethyst is powerful and protective, good for soothing the emotions, easing stress, and aiding in deep, restful sleep. It is said to enhance intuition and spiritual growth.

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