Handmade Tool to Help You Clasp Bracelets By Yourself




Handmade natural stone and copper wire bracelet clasping tool is a handy helper to keep in your jewelry box.

I love functional things that are also beautiful or at least “cool-looking”. I think it is something we’ve gotten away from in daily life with the intrusion of everything mass-produced forced into our homes. 

This bracelet helper is ready to help you master the art of solo bracelet clasping! They’ll also look cool while they wait in your jewelry box for their next time to be of assistance. 

If you struggle to put on bracelets by yourself, or have even just one type of clasps that gives you fits, using a bracelet hook should help. A bracelet hook will help you clasp bracelets (by yourself) that have a ring and hook type closure: toggles, hooks and eyes, lobster clasp on a ring, etc. 

This natural stone and wire bracelet hook is made from 18 gauge copper wire. The top part of the hook is a sinous wire wrap through and around 5 stone beads of graduated sizes. The largest stone is 12mm serpentine, often called "yellow turquoise", then10mm serpentine without the black matrix, and finally two 8mm cuprite beads.

The beads add dimension and texture that aids in gripping the Helper. The bare wire end of the hook is squiggled and hammered  for stiffness and durabilty

Length range is about 5 inches. Watch a video in my blog "How to use a bracelet clasping tool" here: https://www.pebblesatmyfeet.com/blog/new-product-pebbles-my-feet-handcrafted-bracelet-clasping-toolhelpers

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