Brown Picture Jasper Bracelet Clasping Tool, Handmade in Copper



This brown picture jasper braclet clasping tool is a beautiful and functional accessory to add to your jewelry box. This handy device will help you hold your bracelet while you clasp it all by yourself. So many of us have bracelets that are tricky to clasp that we stop wearing them in favor of stretch braclets or cuffs. Well, you don't have to struggle any more!

This copper hook is handmade with copper wire and natural jasper stones. The stones provide some grip for the tool making it easier to hold and use even if your hands are old(er) and stiff(er).

This clasp helper aids in donning bracelets with hooks and eyes, toggles, or closing clasps like lobster clasps.

  1. You may either lay the helper across the bottom of your hand and close your fingertips on it or, as I prefer, put the top bead of the helper between your pinky and ring finger and lay the helper at a downward angle across your palm so that the hook is near the base of your thumb. You can “hike up” on the helper/wire (putting more of the stones through your fingers) if you find the tool is too long.
  2. Catch the eye or ring of your bracelet into the hook of the helper.
  3. Wrap your bracelet behind and under your wrist, holding the hook of the bracelet in your dominant hand. Bring the bracelet hook/clasp to the ring while still attached to the bracelet helper.
  4. Hook your bracelet clasp through the bracelet ring.
  5. Release the helper from the bracelet ring. It’s on!

View a video in my blog to see one of my helpers in use with a bracelet that clasps with a toggle.

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