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Zebra "Jasper" Earrings in Oxidized Sterling Silver, Tribal Design Stone Beaded Earrings with Banded Serpentine Natural Stones



A pair of simple stone teardrop earrings that feature zebra "jasper" (a type of banded serpentine) stones with a high-contrast striped pattern, like their namesake. The zebra patterned stones are a very dark greenish black color with creamy white stripes that have a sheen - or chatoyancy - like tiger eye. Like tigereye and hawkseye, the sheen in this stone is from the light play off parallel fibrous strands of minerals. In the case of this green zebra jasper, wavy curly fibers of chrysotile embedded within the serpentine stone are responsible for the shiny chatoyant stripes.

In these earrings, the stones are subtly striped. I accented them with black stone and fine silver beads (keeping the high contrast black-and-white color scheme) in a tribal design beaded dangle. The aged sterling silver setting includes a primitive wire work detail of a shield or angular spiral on the face of the stones.

At a glance:

  • Banded serpentine stones aka zebra jasper
  • 99.9% silver disks handrafted by Thai Hill Tribes artisans
  • Rustic beaded earrings handcrafted in sterling silver wire and natural stone
  • Made in my central Colorado home studio
  • Earrings measure 1.675 inches long from the top of the handmade ear hooks

These small tribal design earrings with interesting stones and rustic hammered silver accents are a go-anywhere, wear-with-anything pair. Stick to a monchrome palette of grey black and white or pair these zebra jasper earrings with bold stripes, animal prints, or bright warm colors. These banded serpentine earrings would make a great gift for your girlfriend or best friend who prefers smaller adornments and eclectic earthy jewelry.

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