White Pebble Necklace in Oxidized Sterling Silver, Handmade Self-Collected Tumbled Stone Pendant



What could be simpler than this sweet pebble necklace? It is a tumble-polished white quartz stone sliding on a dark grey sterling silver chain. But for anyone who remembers the excitement of discovering a pretty shell on the beach or a piece of sea glass or a perfect white pebble; I’m sure this little necklace will become a favorite for your every day wardrobe. 

The pendant is a white tumble-polished stone in a free-form rounded trapezoid shape. It is a little longer than 1-inch tall and about 1-inch wide. I collected it, tumbled it, drilled it, and wire wrapped it with a rustic spiral on its face. You can also wear the white pebble with the spiral facing back for an unadorned simple stone pendant. The spiral decoration, the wire wrapped bail, and the ball chain are all .925 sterling silver.

The sterling silver chain is a delicate 2mm ball or dog-tag style. It is finished to 16 inches and closes with a ball chain (or lamp chain) closure. The white stone and silver pendant hangs 1.675 inches from the chain.

I gave the sterling silver metal a medium grey patina and then polished it to reveal some silvery highlights. I love the contrast of the bright white stone against the time worn look of the silver. The humble white pebble is somehow elevated to heirloom status in this necklace you'll love wearing and layering everyday.

I pick up pebbles all the time in my backyard or on walks here in Colorado. White feldspar and quartz stones are fairly common but it still feels fun and special to collect a whole pocket full of “just the white ones”. I found this white stone pebble in my back yard. I tumble polished it with a few pockets full of other white stones. The process takes about 5 weeks with weekly inspections and change-over of the polishing media. At the end, all of the stones are smaller, many are too small or they’ve cracked and will not make the jewelry cut and a few will be lovely tumbled and shining pebbles for simple creations like this. I hope you will feel the love in this necklace and that it will speak to you.


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