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Vibrant Yellow Green Earrings, Serpentine Natural Stone Earrings in Dark Patina Copper



Just look at that vibrant yellow green color in these long bar earrings! These serpentine natural stone earrings truly glow in their high-contrast dark patina copper setting. Serpentine rectangles are the whole show in these handcrafted bright green earrings. The stones display a cloud-like swirl of lighter and darker shades of chartreuse. I wire wrapped the vibrant stones with copper wire, finishing with a neat spiral detail to cover the hole. The long stone tablets hang from my handcrafted copper ear hooks in a petite curvy French hook style. These chartreuse earrings will look amazing with bright white and pastels like coral, sky blue, and lilac. Wear them with dark olive and burnt orange and they'll take you from summer right into fall. 


  • 2.375-inches long from the top of the ear wires
  • Yellow green serpentine stones measure 0.375-inch wide by 1.5-inches tall


  • Copper wire
  • Serpentine stone rectangles
  • Made with love and care in my Colorado high country home studio

Serpentine gemstone comes from a group of hydrated magnesium silicate minerals called antigorite and includes varying trace minerals like nickel, cobalt, manganese, and chromium that lend it a wide array of colors. Serpentines are often green (green like a serpent) but also brown, yellow, white, and marbled with black. Some green serpentine can be mistaken for jade since it has a similar waxy luster and color. It is a relatively soft gemstone and I recommend it only for earrings and necklaces. The color of these stone rectangles is so intense that I set them simply all on their own so you could appreciate their subtle shading and enjoy a bright pop of natural color in your jewelry wardrobe.

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