Two Strand Beaded Bracelet with Carved Stones and African Brass Beads, Brown, Cream, and Green Stone Bracelet




This rustic and exotic beaded bracelet was inspired by the off-white translucent quartz stone beads individually carved by Nepali artisans. Their shape could be called “melon”, but their handmade character gives them an irregular, pebble-like, but-touched-by-humans appearance that I love. 

I paired the carved quartz beads with carved jade rounds beads in three sizes and shades of brown and ivory, and beautiful green jade faceted drums. Two brown agate rice beads complete the gemstone offerings. Ethnic African brass beads and heishi wafers accent the stones and add a wayfaring vibe.

My handcrafted 16-gauge jeweler’s red brass clasp serves as a focal and closure. The curving spirals echo the carved patterns in the jade rounds. The light patina I gave it will deepen over time, enhancing the treasured feel of the piece.

This handmade stone and brass bead bracelet fits a size 7.5 inch wrist.

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