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Tiny Stone Teardrop Earrings, Blue Flash Labradorite Gemstone Drop Earrings in Antiqued Sterling Silver



A pair of tiny stone teardrop earrings with lovely labradorite gemstones with subtle blue and bluish purple schiller. These labradorite gemstone drop earrings are simply wire wrapped and placed on handcrafted sterling silver ear wires and measure in at only 1.25-inches long. The unassuming grey stones will delight you with fantastic color play of  blue and purplish blue. This color show, or schiller effect, is not actual colored minerals in the stone but light reflecting from layers or cleavage planes within its structure. The tiny droplet shaped stones display this shimmering color so proudly for such small gems that they'll wiggle their way into a favored spot in your natural stone jewelry collection. I gave the sterling silver wire a light antique patina that blends with the gray background color of the stone teardrops. This makes the hint of dreamy blue all the more alluring.

These dainty wire wrapped stone teardrop earrings are just 1.25-inches long (about 32mm).  You'll hardly feel them as you wear them. But you'll know they are there revealing their mysterious colors as you move, allowing the light to catch them just so.

The native American peoples of Labrador, Canada thought labradorite stone had trapped all the mysterious color of the Northern Lights. One day an Innu warrior's spear sliced into the stone and the Northern Lights exploded into the sky.  But not all of the fantastic color was released. The color play, labradorescence, of labradorite is what's left.

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