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Three Wrap Bracelet in Copper with Green Line Quartz and Moss Agate, Sage Green Stone Bracelet or Necklace



Sage and mossy green quartz and agate stones surround your wrist with earthy woodland spirit in this wrap bracelet by Pebbles At My Feet. Green line quartz and moss agate are perfectly complemented by the copper beads and clasp. If your wrist is 6.5 inches you can wear this piece as a three layer wrap bracelet. If you're unsure of your bracelet size you can still wear this lovely natural stone beaded strand as a necklace at 19.5 inches. 

Green line quartz pebble beads are irregular ovals or barrel-shapes, about 1/4 inch in diameter and just a little longer than that. Their color is a pale sage green with whispy lines of darker moss green. Some of the quartz stones are a greyish white color with little nor no green. The pebbles are spaced with 4mm (about 3/16 inch) round beads of moss agate in shades of spruce green, moss, pine, sage, and translucent white, many with dendritic patterns as the name "moss" agate would suggest. The bracelet is a long beaded strand decorated at each end with a short run of copper beads. It closes with a small but powerful magnetic clasp.

The magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on the wrap bracelet. Simply open the magnet, wrap the strand around your wrist and get the two parts of the magnet close and voila! They "find" each other and close with a fun little thump. To remove, instead of pulling the magnet apart, simply push your thumbnail between the two parts of the clasp and slide it apart. Enjoy wearing bracelets again without the frustration of trying to hold onto them and work a triger clasp or hook and eye with one hand.

The strand of natural woodsy green stones has a fluid drape when worn as a necklace. You might find this is your favorite way to wear it. The necklace would make a lovely foundation for a pendant (with large enough bail) especially one in contrasting earthy reds and browns.

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