Teal, Aqua, and Purple Natural Stone Earrings, Long Dangle Earrings, Copper Wire Wrapped Apatite and Amethyst Earrings



Long dangle earrings with teal, aqua, and purple natural stones, are rich in color and Bohemian style. These long skinny chandelier earrings display an abundance of copper wire wrapped gemstones. Apatite and amazonite in teal and aqua colors, and beautiful purple amethyst show off their jewel tones against the dark patina copper wire. A couple of frosted quartz beads catch a little extra light as they dance at the bottom of the slinky stone tassel.

These apatite and amethyst earrings are reminiscent of a beaded curtain you might see in a gypsy caravan. I individually wire wrapped the purple and teal stones making three lengths of chain that dangle at the bottom of the chandelier. The top portion of the ornament is a chunky column of amethyst stone chips wrapped in copper wire with three loops at the bottom to secure the stone chain tassel. Round stones, pebbles, and gemstone chips give the earrings an organic free sprited style. You might not look at them the same way if I told you that I nicknamed them "jellyfish earrings" while they took shape on my bench. Gypsy beaded earrings, Boho chandelier earrings, or jellyfish earrings, these teal, aqua, and purple adornments are unique gemstone jewelry that will delight.

These long boho dangles measure about 3.5-inches long from the top of the handcrafted ear hooks. That's about 88mm.

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