Sterling Silver Modern Drop Earrings with Verdite Natural Stones, Green Stone Minimalist Earrings for Christmas Season



These simple modern drop earrings display green verdite stones in an elegant minimalist setting. These green stone drops are handcrafted from a single silver wire and hang without dangling, making them the most versatile earrings in your jewelry box. They are even better than post earrings with no clutch behind the ear to bother you. These simple drop earrings are easy to wear with a facemask or in a professional setting or for activities like yoga where they'll hang close to your ear and not make a fuss when you turn upside down! These verdite earrings would make a lovely gift for your best friend at Christmas. If she's your yoga partner, walking buddy, or neighborhood gardening wizzard, these no-fuss earrings are the perfect gift for her.


  • Earrings are a little over 1 inch long (about 27mm)
  • Verdite star cut round beads are 0.31 inch in diameter (8mm)


  • Verdite natural stone beads
  • Sterling silver wire

The verdite gemstones are really lovely: shades of forest, clover, grass, mint, and pine green in a layered effect. I was initially drawn to the color thinking the holiday season. I couldn't find a lot of information about it except that verdite is a trade name for two different stones. I believe these are a fuchite type stone from South Africa. The green color comes from chromium trace elements (the same impurities that color emerald and diopside). It's a stone that was traditionally used for ornamental carving. I love the cut of these verdite beads the large triangular facets bring a bit of sparkle to the otherwise opaque green stone.

Natural stone jewelry is always a unique and special gift any time of year. My jewelry is carefully crafted using fine quality materials to last you a lifetime of wear. Your earrings come in a linen or satin pouch suitable for giving and for storing your jewelry. Gift boxed by request. Leave a note with your order.

You'll receive the exact pair of earrings pictured. I can usually ship your items within three days of your order. 

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